ZBAD April - May Activities

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ZBAD April - May Activities

Post by andreize on Wed May 14, 2014 1:38 pm

Music video featuring NOBS.is ZBAD Zetacoin community

Zetacoin Featured on German State TV
Now the second generation of coins is here and everyone wants to be a little different than bitcoin.

The benefit of zetacoin is that it is 20x times faster than bitcoin a transaction can be finished in 30 seconds, bitcoin needs 10 minutes.


Money transfers using the small currency zetacoin are faster than in bitcoin, there is a good reason for that, zetacoin wants to be an alternative to cash where cash is the only way to pay for something.

In Africa there are a lot of people with no bank account and because of that they can not participate in the normal banking system. They have no possibility to pay without cash and they have to always have to carry cash around with them which can be dangerous.

A smart phone app is going to allow payments with zetacoin in Africa and in other parts of the world. Without a bank account.

We are in talks with telecommunication companies in Africa that will distribute the app for free to their users.  


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