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Zetacoin Wallet for Android App

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Zetacoin Wallet for Android App Empty Zetacoin Wallet for Android App

Post by bitcoinsachs Thu Jan 02, 2014 5:42 am

We ran a fundraiser and funded our project. We have a development team in place. We are still looking to bring in the sharpest minds of anyone who has experience building wallets, blockchain work, android dev to ensure we build the highest quality wallet we possibly can.

We have real-world brick and mortar businesses who will accept Zetacoin as soon as this app is up and functional. We will be the 2nd altcoin behind Litecoin to accomplish this. We just need to get all the right people pulling in the same direction.

Konen is going to at the Bitcoin Meetup in Asia Feb 12th and we'd love to unveil it then if possible. We are working out of an open-sourced wallet for Bitcoin. We are working via Mega.

If anyone is interested please message me on Twitter @BitcoinSachs or on Skype BitcoinSachs

If you're curious, imagine what the price will do once we make the announcements of real-world acceptance. How far does that separate Zetacoin from other altcoins? You want to make money, this is how we do it.


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