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Worldcoin says Hi Empty Worldcoin says Hi

Post by xodianbarr Thu Feb 13, 2014 10:56 pm

Hello good fellows of Zeta Coin, my name is Xodianbarr. Some members may know me from Worldcoin, others may not. I am here because i tried to reply to Wordpress site from bitcoinsachs that discussed a recent situation that has seemingly developed between our good coins. The report was quite defamatory, and in some parts ill informed and therefore incorrect. Despite my attempts to reply to this statement, i found that I could not. Not so easily deterred, I asked a couple of my colleagues from the Worldcoin Committee to see if they endured more success. They did not. As a result I decided it best to post it here, because I am all for open discussion, and quite prepared to form a relationship between our good coins under the proviso that the Wordpress website be amended appropriately. Here is the page:


And this is my reply:

You stipulate 'The message was asking if I’d meet with the top ranking members'.

How is it that you managed to come to the conclusion that you were in fact talking to said 'top ranking members'. Being that I was involved in the whole situation and know exactly what went on, I can assure you that what you say is entirely incorrect. What in fact happened is that I personally impressed upon the Foundation board members that they had to step down. They all agreed, and were 'in fact' relieved. That of course meant that we were left with no board to speak of. As I am a long standing member of the community I know many of the community members very well. I approached three members (jdebunt, sustainable, and thorgrim) and asked them if they would be willing to stand as candidates for the position of Chairperson within the organisation. Although reluctant, jdebunt and thorgrim agreed, while Sustainable jumped at the chance. Rather than limit the candidacy to three members it was opened up to the community for other potential candidates to come forward. But enough of that.
Over the next couple of days Sustainable began to take it into his head that he was 'already' the Chairperson and began making decisions that only a full board should make (like changing the name, deciding on direction, prioritising tasks etc.) He even went so far as to publically state (twice) that it was his chair. As I am sure you are aware is the very same community member who approached you concerning a merger. According to Sustainable it was in fact your idea to form a merger. When he asked me what I thought I replied 'That is a terrible idea. It is something a board needs to decide and at this moment in time we have no board, no development team, and are in the middle of a crisis. Hiding behind a merger will only confuse matters, and will damage the reputation of both coins as if we have something to hide'. He replied 'Ok'.
At the end of this, this single member who had proven quite popular initially was confronted in the main channel by several members concerning 1, his language 2, his inability to listen, and 3, his belief that he was already in control. He became angry and publically asserted that it was his chair. Bearing in mind that he was only a candidate quite apart from whatever else was happening at that time, his behaviour quite clearly made him unfit to stand as 'Chairperson'. I could go on at length at about what happened in the day’s post this affair but i only wish to serve one purpose. A lot of what you have written is based on 3rd party biased information and has only served for you to give an incorrect account of what actually occurred.

This is the current state of the Worldcoin community as it stands now: The Worldcoin Foundation is a business owned by Doug Gilmore. It is as you quite rightly said - associated with Scharmbeck and it does indeed have the same members. Quite how deep the relationship went between the two is only known by those three members.
Because of the fact that the Worldcoin Foundation is a business (registered as an LLC) and is owned by Doug it made it unrealistic for members of the community to continue using the organisation, as this could result in legal problems down the line. So instead it was decided in agreement with founding developers of the Worldcoin network that a new committee would be formed comprising of long standing members of the community who had shown support in the past. Each and every member was consulted and once we had an agreement we collaborated to create an official announcement in the Worldcoin forum explaining the circumstances of the last few days and what the result of it was. This new committee of which I am a member is dedicated to building a new non-profit organisation and upon completion will dissolve.

If you have any questions about what I have written, or wish to discuss other aspects of the above article you will find me open and friendly. You can contact me on irc.freenode.net #worldcoin, or alternatively you can send me a message on the forum at http://worldcoinforum.org

I am sorry if you have had your hopes destroyed by what was obviously false promise but it is not in the interest of the Worldcoin committee to seek a partnership, and especially not a merger.

I hope you can understand,




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